July Monthly

July Monthly

Hello Everyone! We are glad to announce the July monthly news. We will tell you the main goals that we reached and the main activities that happened!

— The most important update is switching to the new NFT TIP - 4 standard. July 12, GrandBazar completely switched to the new NFT standard TIP-4. This is the first available for users TIP-4 standard implementation in the Everscale ecosystem.

— We have launched the Rewards program for Grandbazar Collectors Club token holders. If you are the owner of the Merchant NFT you can find a reward tab in your profile settings.

— We have also held a Twitter contest. Participants had to post a video of The Merchant NFT in GLB 3D format and tag grandbazar.io. The prize pool was 500 EVER. Ten winners got 50 EVER each.

— Another important news is the launch of our grant program, especially for creators who suggest the best idea. For those who suggest the best idea, we will design the collection, help with development, launch the collection on the launchpad section and help with promotion in our community!

— Our team hosted two public talks on Twitter with EvoSurfer and EGO. We discussed the P2E games, and the Role of NFT In Create To Earn Economy

— We have updated our Help Center and launched our own Blog! The Help Center has become much more comfortable, and the Blog will help you stay aware of all the latest collections and news!

— The last and one of the most exciting news — we successfully launched RustCupGame the second collection. The Minting price is 850 EVER. Each owner of the Merchant NFT will receive 50 EVER back to the wallet in form of cash back. Stay tuned - news will be posted every month!

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