TOP 6 collections on GrandBazar

TOP 6 collections on GrandBazar

This article will tell you about the most exciting collections you can find on

ScalePunks — Reborn 2.0 Collection

Generative collections with punks have become classic and have a special place in crypto culture. Most of the blockchains have their own NFT collections with punks. The Everscale blockchain also has a collection of Punks — ScalePunks.

ScalePunks is the first NFT collection based on the Everscale blockchain. In 2021, all 10,000 punks were sold within three weeks. In May 2022, ScalePunks became officially available to be purchased and sold on the Grandbazar’s secondary market. Moreover, this is the first collection that has been switched to the NFT TIP — 4 format. Right now, every Punk holder can swap their Punk into the new TIP— 4 format.

Scale Punk #910

Current trade volume: 39k EVER
Current floor price: 260 EVER

Rust Cup Game Cars Collection

RustCupGame Cars Collection is an example of a sold out collection on GrandBazar. On the NFT cards, you can find a superman, a dinosaur, a centaur, and many other characters. Each one has a kind of characteristic, which brings even more questions to the collection. But everything becomes clear when we realize that it’s all a collection of NFTs for P2E Rust Cup Game, and the cards represent the cars for the races.

RustCupGame is the first P2E game based on the Everscale blockchain. The Collection was created to celebrate the seven month validator competition on the Everscale blockchain, where it set a world record for blockchain throughput. Remind you, GrandBazar is based on the Everscale blockchain, so it’s no surprise that the collection is so beloved by the community and ranks second place in terms of trading volume on the marketplace.

One of the RustCupGame NFTs

Current trade volume: 36.1k EVER
Current floor price: 999 EVER

GB Merchants

This generative collection was released especially for the GrandBazar’s most active members. The collection includes 10,000 items, 3333 for each season. The NFTs show the Merchant’s avatars, which have eight different traits: headgear, eyes, eyebrows, accessories, whiskers, mouth, gestures, and color. This collection has not only art value, but also utility value.

NFT owners get membership in the GrandBazar NFT Collectors Club, which gives access to premium collection Whitelists on the Launchpad section, reduced marketplace fees, and access to the GrandBazar token airdrop (GBT).

At the early stage, only users who made at least one transaction on the marketplace or those who took part in Airdrop could receive the Merchant NFT. Now the first season NFTs can be purchased only on a secondary market.

Merchant NFT #1437

Current trade volume: 26.7k EVER
Current floor price: 41 EVER


Which passport is the most attractive? In some rankings, it is the UAE, Germany, or Sweden. What about a virtual state passport? Yes, it already exists, and it’s called FREELAND. Anyone can get the NFT passport and become a citizen of FREELAND. FREELAND is a socio cultural experiment, the state exists in a virtual space.

An important part of this experiment is the passport, which can be purchased as an NFT on the GrandBazar marketplace and then printed especially for you. It takes 3–4 months to process a FREELAND passport, you will receive the document at the post office. The passport itself is a way of self-identifying in the information space, but the founders of the project said that there are several cases for the use of the passport at the state’s borders.

Freeland Passport NFT

Current trade volume: 22.2k EVER
Current floor price: 1.9k EVER

FIDE World Championship Dubai 2021 Unique Chess Collection

ChessNFT is an NFT Marketplace based on the Everscale blockchain. Marketplace created in partnership with FIDE, EverX, and ChessNFT brings together iconic match moments, unique collectibles, and chess-related art.

The FIDE World Championship Dubai 2021 Unique Chess Collection was created in honor of the Dubai World Chess Championship. The collection consists of 9,000 items. Includes 8,400 regular NFTs, 480 rare, and 120 legendary ones, and the cost of the items starts at 150 EVER.

Nowadays, the ChessNFT team is organizing regular online chess tournaments with special conditions for the ChessNFT holders.

Black Queen #22

Current trade volume: 15k EVER
Current floor price: 150 EVER

Dryads by Konstantin Komardin

Worldwide famous artists are also contributing to the development of crypto culture. For example, one of the collections minted on GrandBazar is Dryads by animator and comics artist Konstantin Komardin. We recommend watching his short film “Idiot”.

The artist has minted a collection of 13 stamped on GrandBazar featuring the Dryads, woodland nymphs from Greek mythology. Such characters are not chosen accidentally. The funds from the sale of the NFT will go to the Free TON project, which is dedicated to reforestation

Current trade volume: 10.9k EVER
Current floor price: 1k EVER

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